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Thread: bittorrent security

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    bittorrent security

    What are the security issues in using bit torrent s/w.
    Is there anything one should watch for while streaming torrent files?
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    As with any file obtained in such an insecure manner:

    - If a file is executable or potentially executable (ISO image for instance, Word DOC, RPM, Windows Installer files or just a plain executable), then it may have been tampered with. Always check the signature with the originator (you can't guarantee the originator's web site hasn't been hacked, but it's better than nothing)
    - If a file contains 100% non-executable content, in theory you're safe. But exploits for reader programs could still exist.

    I'm unfamiliar with bittorrent, but if it allows anybody to post a file, any file could be adulterated. A file's description need not match its contents, so be careful.

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