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    can someone tell me what this website is all about i wanted to learn about hacking so that i could work for major companies in stopping them so can someone give me tips

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    Well if you want to learn about things for legitimate purposes you are in the right place. My suggestion is to kick back relax and read the forums. If you have a question about something specific feel free to ask. But before you do i suggest you search the site first. Alot of topics have been covered many times allready. What you wont find here is how yo use sub7 BO or any of that ****. As far as giving you tips i can give just this : you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. You also might want to look here that will give you a breif over view of how this site works

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    Read what antionline is and isnt when you go to antionline and before you logon it comes up right at the top .

    As for tips read the faqs and search google i couldnt resist
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    sniper0wolf0 told me it was Ghandi Thanks

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    Their many post on that subject over here, so I guess u r in the right place.

    This site is really helpful for 2 main purposes:
    - u r stuck smwh & u can't find out (google it before asking) tip: don't ask what is TCP, proxy, fireawll, ...
    - keep u inform of many security subject

    AO is not a shortcut to knowledge just a tool therefore learn by yourself and ask for help when needed!

    welcome & good luck
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    Check out Negatives tutorial index. http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=133897 Lot's of great info in here.
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    this site is about sharing. sharing ideas, problems, etc... it's place to learn and to find someone who is having same problem or etc...

    you could say we're all student of the art, art of learning and to gain knowledge.


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