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Thread: IBM in DEEP trouble

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    IBM in DEEP trouble



    I'm getting Damned sick and tired of the shitless state of corporate affairs in this country. Corporate America is based one one thing and one thing only and that's GREED. Now we have IBM getting investigated by the SEC. When is this crap going to end. . There are too many people out there that are suffering because of this and stuff needs to change here.

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    Umm...they are only getting investigated. Have you misplaced your 'innocent until proven guilty'?

    Companies are often audited, investigated, etc. It is supposed to keep them on their toes with their business legit. If you'd like to return to your soapbox AFTER they have been slammed for doing bad things, go right ahead.
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    This country is not built upon "innocent until proven guilty" but instead "held accountable until proven innocent"

    Also anyone notice that Juridian has some hundred odd number posts but is still a newbie? Why is that? Shouldn't he be a Jr. Member?
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    I though 175 post was for AO Member?
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    I allways thought it was guilty unlill proven so. And yea why does it still say newbie under that guys name?

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