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Thread: hello world!

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    hello world!

    Nowdays, everybook on programming will do their intro with "hello world"...

    Just want to know, who really did the "hello world" programming first?..

    I think it is quite great simple idea.. and ppl except it very well..

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    No idea who did it first, but the site http://www2.latech.edu/~acm/HelloWorld.shtml has a "hello world" program for almost every language if it is of any interest.

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    well it was i suppose (may b i am wrong) dennise richtie and ken thompson in their book about C, the first one to come, wrote the first program printing "hello world" to start explaining C, they started with this as it covers good lot aspects of C for starter and gave him a quick idea on C
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    I was once writing something similar but I lost my work due to a hard drive crash.
    My list was not nearly as big as the one you have posted though.

    Nice link

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