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    Social engineerinng

    Hello every body . I dont have someting very teacnical to ask. I just want to know what is this social engineering .I have heared this term for the very first time and couldnt understand what is it stand for . Any body will tell me what is that? is it realted with computers somehow?

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    It is widely covered on the net: www.google.com -> "social engineering"

    In short, it is bullshitting. ie; going to a company, saying your the new computer tech, gaining access to passwords, files, etc and then running off as fast as you can.
    Kevin mitnick, a recently free'd social engineer has a book out called "the art of deception", which covers the subject in more detail. I must admit though, however interesting it sounds, in the end it is just bare faced lying - and didnt your mother ever tell you thats a bad, bad, thing?


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