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    Some new hackers will try some little stuff on people to have fun
    they will try to send you a file which you will open and enable a port
    for them to hack you, so be careful what you get from other people

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    Dear vaibhav22.
    There are so many to learn and implement.

    [1] Go buy a good book, like ANKIT FADIA'S "hacking truths" (best for newbies, focus is on Microsoft windows and other usefull topics)

    [2] online(as u wanted):

    a) antionline.com [:-))]
    b) http://hack-box.com
    c) http://google.com [ Do it yr self]
    d) Read this http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=244385
    e) http://www.astalavista.com/
    f) http://hackbox.thematrix.gr/library/misc/
    g) http://ankitfadia.com [Best for newbies]
    There is no end.
    NOTE: WATCH ONLY NEVER TOUCH,means never spoil just have a look.

    I hope it will help u little or more.

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    As Already mentioned, run a port scan and see what you have open, then you should run a vulnerability scanner for freeware see Nessus, if you want to buy something - and they are not cheap by any means - check out ISS Internet scanner, Eeye retina etc.. but I`d stick with Nessus if you can, although you need Linux to host to server portion. If you only have windows your freeware options are Sara or Saint (I think) or an early version of Cerberus, or Leviathan or Pluto. Run that and you`ll see the actual holes on your box. This will provide you with far more knowledge then a simple port scan, for example if you run a port scan on a box with Web server it will tell you that port 80 is open, but will not tell you if you are vulnerable to any of the Web server exploits out there.

    Beyond that, get a firewall, Sygate, Tiny, ZoneAlarm etc... disable NetBios if you can, and apply any of the OS hardening techniques you find listed in any of the Hardening guides you can find on the net (see The NSA, SANS or MS for Windows, NSA or SANS for Unix) and that should give you a good level or protection.

    Oh, and install some anti-virus software.

    As for how hackers (or crackers) might access your system there are many many ways, and to go into them here would not be practical, check out some of the sites listed for details.

    Good luck.
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    netcrashxx isnt that called a Trojan Horse ..and the file you refere to is the Sever ...

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    Wow memory thanx for clearing that up for the rest of us hehehehe. You'll have to forgive netcrash he still thinks nortons Av is a firewall program. I tried to explain to him that nortons firewall is a firewall while their av program is not. He negg'd me for it. or atleast tried to. but points dont count when the sender has red dots Maybe Ill start compiling a searchable list of definitions for the newbies

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    i know netcrashxx for a few years now ... he just a little bit confused .... :-D

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    I prefer "external" firewall. Linksys or Netgear DLS/Cable router (NO wireless!) is a good start. After you can explore some Linux firewall, but it will cost you a another computer and at least 2 NIC.

    I'm a huge fan of the SANS reading room (http://www.sans.org/rr). You can find there information on lot of topic and it is a good start. After that, google is the way to go ;-)

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    Re: Computer hacking

    Originally posted here by vaibhav22
    Hello every body . I dont have someting very teacnical to ask. I just want to know what is this social engineering .I have heared this term for the very first time and couldnt understand what is it stand for . Any body will tell me what is that? is it realted with computers somehow?
    Well, it looks like you've been practicing your social engineering:

    Originally posted here by vaibhav22
    any body can tell me how i can know the ip of the person with whom i m involved in chatting. and how i can get access to any reomote computer with the help of ip?
    Originally posted here by vaibhav22
    well, i want to know that if i m involved in chatting with any body on yahoo or msn then is it possible to know the ip of the person with whom i m involved.
    Originally posted here by vaibhav22
    Good Noon every body. I want to know something about making the system secure. How hackers get access to computers and how i can prevent from it. I know that they use ports to get access but I want to know everything about it. Is some topic is available on net?

    I'm sorry, I must invoke the caps lock...

    Listen, this is a SECURITY FOCUSED WEBSITE.

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    There are countless ways to get access to a system hacking in general is a very broad subject. There are new and diffrent vulnerabilities found every day some disclose there information others dont. Ever looked at zone-h and wonder how all the .br's are doing mass defacements ? the answer the holy grail to a novice hacker the 0day heh how hard is it to ./ ahh its more complex than that most of the time you just cant get any old exploit and run it against a host, sure it may be running the vulnerable version of software but the target architecture may be diffrent if its a buffer overflow and it was wrote to target a linux system it wont work on solaris because of the diffrent stacks but if you wrote it to brute force the return adress in theorey it would work against most linux systems. So how do all the .br's get a hold of the 0days simple they hang around IRC and eventually they will come across a 0day then they will go through a cycle of jumping from server to server looking for people to trade that 0day with for another 0day and so on untill they have a small arsenal then they will start going after hosting companys since the exploits are undisclosed they have quite a bit of freedom on the net people call them script kiddies etc but i would call them a novice hacker getting there feet wet i have flamed people calling then SK's and **** but the real defacers and **** know there stuff ven if they cant code and **** they still have a clue about what there doing dont worry this is leading some where . So what was that rant all about hehe my words to you is learn to code read about how overflows ocur and how you can take advatntage of them read up on XXS (cross site scripting) idefense has a good white paper learn about unicode attacks and directory traversal learn tcp/ip (tcp/ip isnt flawless it holds vulnerabilities ) learn about format string's (hmm not seen one in a while) still good to know though learn php and perl learn networking in general there was a post with a **** load of links to cisco papers all worth a read there are many more things that you could learn thats just off the top of my head (no i dont know all of that but i have goten the jist of most). If its possible set up a small test network with 3 to 5 puters
    with diffrent operating systems and software and put up vulnerable applications on a computer and use various puplic exploits to try and brake in learn how the diffrent systems log incomming traffic packet sniff when you get in install rootkits to see what they do where they hide what method they use etc if you dont wont to learn all of the above learn to program its actually fun and rewarding when your tinkering with programs you have wrote have fun and keep it legal

    NOTE in learning stuff a hands on aproach is good if you dont have the cash to set up a small network at the very least try and get another box or a good friend who would loan or be interested and willing to bring his box over to your house to "play" we dont want emails about stray packets now do we
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    stay here and listen to what the most ppl say :-)
    and as well be paranoid!!
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