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Thread: A Bastard System User From Michigan

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    A Bastard System User From Michigan

    Well boys and girls here we go. This may offend some of you out there with a softer side. If so I apologize in advance.

    7:30 Am. I have had it. I am sick and tired of this son of a bitch they have as a system admin at work. I'm going to get his ass today. I busted my as last night at work so I could carry my brief case home empty and load it up will all sorts of goodies.

    7:45 Am. Good hardly anybody is here. Of course the “tech department” hasn’t showed up. Aeallison is an okay guy but “Gore” is going to pay for the hell he has put us through. Oh look the door is unlocked to their “Lab”. Who the **** do they think they are mad scientists or something? I'm glad all these systems in here have those easy off side panels. Open up the brief case. Time to have some fun. Bet they didn’t know I have taken my own share of electronics classes. I open up the case and rewire part of the power supply to the steel case after first snapping in a capacitor that I rigged a quick connect onto. Now before I turn the power back on. I reach behind and unplug the monitor cable. The way this desk sits he’ll stand up and lean over the case to get to the cable. As soon as he touches the case ZAP. I knew that stun gun with the burned out electrodes would come in handy someday.

    8:00 Am. Well there’s Aeallison. On time as usual. He’s such a nice guy. I think. He might be fooling me. But he seems okay. I hope he doesn’t decide to be a nice guy and turn on gore’s system for him. I’d hate for him to be an innocent victim here.

    8:30 Am. There’s that’s that mother ****er. Good. Bout time he showed up.
    8:35 Am. Wonder why the lights are flickering Muahahahahahahaha.

    9:00 Am. Go into the computer lab. Why did they turn around so quick? It’s almost like they are up to something. Well gores hand was bandaged that’s a good sign. I tell them that all of the sudden my machine is smoking. They both go running out the door. This time I’ve got to get them both. Gore’s not the one who can run a grep command. I’ve seen the emails about us “lusers”. Time to get these ****ers. Good thing I got this rohipnol from my pervert brother. Oh and looky they left in such a hurry they left the coffee cups. Double dose to counter act the caffeine in the coffee. Muahahahahahaha.

    9:10 Am. Well they chewed me out for the false alarm. Now its time to peak my head back in the lab. Yup it worked. Time to strip them both down and make them look rather cozy. Take a Polaroid of the scene. Time to call the boss. Hehehehehe.

    9:15 Am. Well here comes the boss. Oh my look at his face. Why does he keep smiling at Aeallison like that? And rubbing his crotch. Oh My God that’s sick.

    10:30 Am. The boss just called he wants me in his office NOW. Wonder what he wants. He says he wants to thank me for my contribution to the company and wonders if I was thought full enough to get any photographic evidence of this situation. I told him I sure did and I also had a picture of him rubbing himself with his hands down his pants staring at Aeallison. Wow I’ve never seen anybody hit a bottle of Maalox that hard in my entire life. He asks me what I want in a very defeated sounding voice. I told him I simply want the rest of the day off PAID. Oh yea and a new laptop. He says” well that was a lot cheaper than those *****s” and signs the papers for accounting. I'm outa here on my way to Circuit City. Sweet. He even gave me a company credit card to use. Awsome.

    So what will our friend the “luser” do next? will gore and Aeallison ever be able to live this down? We shall see. Stay tuned boys and girls who knows what will happen next

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    HAhahaha, i wonder who will write one as the character of the boss. I feel sorry for the boss. Maybe its time that the boss tool revenge. Oh my, how can he, he cant. Not aslong as gore and aellison exist. Poor poor boss
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    boss is played by:


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    *bows down to gore*
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    hey man if you want to suck up to gore do it in one of his threads actualy to give credit where credit is due if it wernt for gore i wouldnt have written this so i guess its okay this time. Just dont let it happen again

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    Very funny ZomBieMann77!!! Thanx of the laugh's!! It's a good thing that I wasn't drinking anything as I was reading this, I would have had to buy a new keyboard.

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    pretty funny. Obviously you had better luck with your thread by not getting the admin fired.

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