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    Openbsd- "unfriendly install (to newbies) and manual patching/
    administration (source patches and builds)

    Nah OpenBSD it isn't hard or unfriendly to install what's hard
    about it? just make your openbsd partition type w to write to
    mbr go into disklabel size your partitions for root,swap,tmp,var,usr
    home then type q it will say for example no changes it writes
    them to disk then you configure networking download the
    base files configure you time zone and your done
    I like installing with the cdrom it gives me a chance
    to setup OpenBSD's pf firewall and configure tripwire and
    tighten things up before exposing the system to the net.

    Trust me if people read the OpenBSD manual everything
    is explained clearly.


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    (Ok, not sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not, but...)
    The keywords in that quote would be "to newbies".

    Hey, I mean, I absolutly agree that once you know what you're doing, it's a very straight forward process; but don't try telling me that having a newbie run disklabel won't be overwhelming for him!

    Trust me if people read the OpenBSD manual everything
    is explained clearly.
    I'm a 100% with you on that. OpenBSD has the best man pages and FAQs ever! In comparaison, NetBSD's doc sucks big time!

    Credit travels up, blame travels down -- The Boss

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    First Batch Delivered.

    O.K Guys,

    The first BSD disks arrived at their destination Yesterday. You can contact zonewalker on here if you need a referee or feel dodgy about ordering from me.

    Jinx - You should get yours soon but your a bit further away.

    As I mentioned I also have the redhat ISOs now as well as college linux which I will ad to the ISOs disk.

    Check out my page where you can order them through paypal.


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    heh... well being as I've been mentioned... I can confirm that I have received the DVD from Mark yesterday. Considering I only put the order through on Tuesday night I'd say that's pretty good going (cheers Mark ) - but for those of you in other countries you may have to wait a bit longer depending on the state of your postal system.... but I'd be fairly confident in saying that Mark will have sent it if you've asked for one.

    The three BSD distros that have been mentioned (Free, Open and Net) are on there as iso's with the exception of OpenBSD (?my memory has turned to cream cheese all of a sudden - help us out here Mark will you!) which contains all of the required files. I've only had a chance to burn the FreeBSD distro to disc but it works and I have installed FreeBSD to a spare box already - well at least as far as the command line - have yet to get into X but I think I might have screwed the video/monitor settings so I have to check that when I get home tonight.

    Other than that everything is advertised as seen.... all I've got to say is thanks for the speedy service Mark

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    It seems that one of the distros does not provide an ISO so I downloaded all the required files and put them in a directory with a .txt file listing all the files to burn to CD.

    I will put clear instructions on the website

    http://itdepartment.0catch.com for those who don't know it already.

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    True roswell1329 I should of worded my statement a bit more carefully and thought it out a bit longer before posting

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    O.K guys happy linuxing to those who have already bought the disk.

    I am going away this weekend so I will process all remaining orders e.g weekend ones on monday and post the disks then.

    I burned off an extra 3 today so provided no more than that order they will be shipped monday.

    the url again. http://itdepartment.0catch.com

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    Back In Action

    I have downloaded more distros and added them to the linuxing DVD/ISO Collection.

    Slight Increase in price due to quantity of Disks.

    Open BSD
    Free BSD
    Net BSD
    College Linux
    Red Hat Linux
    Yellow Dog

    3 x DVD Set with all isos 20 including postage world wide.

    P.S I am not doing this for profit but for the good of those community members who don't have Broadband or those who don't want to download 16gb to try different distros.

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    Watch out with suse... They don't offer iso's for download for a reason (except the live thing)... I don't know how or in what form you put this, but altough it's open source, you aren't always just allowed to sell complete iso's... Maybe I'm really wrong here, but a friend of mine wich does the same told me something like it. Just some friendly warning.

    And to go on on the BSD part a bit more. Everything has been said already by ammo. My personall favorite is openBSD while I often advise freeBSD to friends, because that one seems to be pretty popular. I thought netBSD had to biggest ports archive... It's just about what you want to do. I use openBSD for a server, but I won't use it for a desktop. It may be 1337 etc, but if it works almost as good if I just get some prepackaged two minute install thing, I don't bother. Time's money sometimes and openBSD's (very good for a paranoid server admin) mentality of disabling everything by default can be time consuming.
    Double Dutch

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    Not For Personal Gain

    I will add at this point once more that this is not being done for personal gain.

    I don't want to make any money from this. I am just a generally nice guy and don't mind helping out others.

    I took the distro's which came in live version and compiled isos using nero by the way.

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