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Thread: usb modem in redhat 9.0 problem

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    usb modem in redhat 9.0 problem

    how to conf usb modem in redhat 9.0..??both in gnome and kde..??
    in kppp ???
    if i did some error in conf dev/modem......why when booting..
    ppp0 interface, my pc show no response and then freeze.....how to boot my linux in this case??

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    most usb modems work similar to winmodems in that they require a special driver to work, and a REALLY special driver to work in linux. to be sure it will work, you need either a controller-based internal modem, or an external modem with the serial or parallel connection. US robotics, 3 com, etc. make these.

    If memory serves correctly, I believe that I have seen a usb modem work on rh 8.something, but i'm not sure which modem it was. try the manufacturer's website for information on it.

    hope this helps.
    i\'m starting to think that i\'m bound to always be the first guy on the second page of the thread.

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    make sure you have your usbd running as well. you might want to make sure that your kernel is compiled correctly.


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