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Thread: convertin to MPEG

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    Question convertin to MPEG

    is there a way, or a program where i can convert a video file (such as AVI or so forth) into mpeg? i want to put them onto a VCD to view on my dvd player. if anyone has any suggsetions please reply
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    Try VCDcutter...make a single cut frame of the whole movie..it saves the file in MPEG format which can be easily burned..............
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    You can check HERE

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    thanks, im downloadin it now, so i need to just put the video file in that and it will convert it into mpeg1 and i can make it into a VCD?
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    you can also download TMPGenc from here http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_download.html .... load the Video into the "Video Source Box " and just click start ..

    it also converts other formats into MPEG

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    is converting to mpeg1 supose to take HOURS!?!?!?! cuz its takin like 4 hours for me to convert! please reply
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    i convert into mpeg, and it take like 8 hours to do this, is this normal, or am i doin somthing wrong?
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    Nero 5.5.10 and above already do that if you have the appropriate codecs installed.
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