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Thread: Kazaa worm (file won't delete)

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    Kazaa worm (file won't delete)

    Has anyone heard about this ? If so is there a way to get rid of it?
    The file won't delete, if i try to open it by double clicking it opens Microsoft Media Player (it appears to have a .mpg extension) if I try to open it with something else it either says access denied or file does not exist.

    How the **** am I going to get rid of this file?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions

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    Hmmm....I know I had that virus once and i totaly freaked out
    what i did i went to google.com and i searched for the name of virus
    and there was a norton link and they will explain how to get rid of it

    also try to go to c:\windows\and there should be a filename simmilar to the one in kazaa and delete that

    you can try to search for it and delete it manually, if it sais you cant delete it,press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and end the task of the virus and delete them all

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    When in doubt get yourself a file shredder like eraser. It will plow through anyfile that windows wont let you acsess. Then go into your av program and turn on your inbound scanning. Idont know about the other av progs out there but norton woulda caught that while it was still a .dat file.

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    Eraser does not
    plow through anyfile that windows wont let you acsess
    You cannot delete a file that is still running no matter what program you use within an OS. You cannot do this because the program is in memory and is referenced to that particular HDD sector. If you were to delete the file off of the HDD, the program will undoubtadly 'freeze' and most likely, so will the OS. You must first close the program.

    Yes, it is possible to delete a file that is still running by using a shell of another OS, (ie dos).

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    If this is an XP/W2K box, grab the install cd and boot to the recovery console. You should be able to dump the file without incident.

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    OK - first of all I appreciate all of the replies and suggestions!!

    I didn't find anything in C:\Windows
    I have Norton and it didn't find anything.
    I tried many, many file deleting softwares and none worked.
    I can't boot to dos, although I have administrative rights on this pc, I do not have the password for the actual Administrator account.
    Which is why I couldn't boot to the recovery console.

    SO, it's looking like I'm just stuck with it, although I'm not giving up just yet!!

    Again I appreciate all of your suggestions.

    P.S. Sorry I posted in the wrong forum
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    have you tried browsing to it in DOS and deleting it? I know with my XP box I have trouble deleting some files either becuase of the file name or XP seems to always thing mpgs are "in use". Browse to the Dir in DOS, and try to erase the file from there. If the file name is really long, and you do not know how to trunkate (sorry about spelling) it, type Dir /X This will tell you the correct formatting for the file name to delete it.
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    Lightbulb Kazaa Worm

    I had a similar problem booting into DOS from XP, but what i found seemed to say that there is no preset function for doing it; you have to make an "MS DOS Startup Disk" (i did that by selecting the floppy drive, choosing format, and selecting "Create MS DOS Startup Disk." Using the disk i could then boot into dos (sort of). that might help you, although i don't know about these administrator problems... i don't see how that problem would exist if you were booting from the disk. Try making the startup disk, restarting XP with the disk in the drive and then finding and deleting the file you want to get rid of.

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    First, If you have admin rights go make sure you have rights to the file, if the file is owned by another admin you must take ownership and then set the permissions. If the file is currently running it may be executing at boot time, reboot to 'safe mode with prompt' (Hit F8 before Windows loads) then delete file from DOS prompt. (I don't believe an NT kernel will let you delete a process in use by the OS even from a DOS shell, but I may be wrong)

    If the file IS a virus there are probably other files and/or registry keys which will have to be located and removed.

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