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Thread: Windows update does not recognize Win XP

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    Windows update does not recognize Win XP

    while running the Windows update, i got a message that said to be able to use the windows update, i should use an MS product.
    i did some scanning using sygate and the result said that i am using a mozilla browser.

    i did an anti-virus scan using norton antivirus and no viruses were found.

    what happened here? any suggestions to solve this problem will be appreciated. thanks.

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    not enough information really ! are you using mozilla ? if so then windows update wont work as it requires IE i believe, were u using IE, wot OS r u in ? Win xp ?
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    I agree with geepod, you should tell us wgat OS you use and stuff
    I assume you use WinXp so try going into the all programs and onto the windows update
    or just go to microsoft.com

    And you should use IE

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    I think you have to use IE. Never could get it to work with Netscape or Mozzila. And if it still doesn't work even with IE then try turning off your firewall and see if that makes a difference.
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    Two answers that were half right and half ridiculous.

    Microsoft wants their products to be used (obviously). The easiest way for them to ensure this is to require the use of IE to contact the windows update site. I remember seeing the error in the past and it's due to not using IE. Change your default browser back to IE to run windows update, or just open the link in IE rather than clicking the Windows Update button. The link if you require it ishttp://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

    I said half ridiculous because you put your operating system in the subject, yet they both felt you should tell them your OS and because they felt that your OS was relevant to the question.

    As a side note:

    geepod: Would it be too difficult to use proper grammar and spelling?

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    i'm sorry to be so vague in my original post.
    my OS is Windows XP with service pack 1 already installed.
    my browser is IE 6 with service pack 1 installed
    i did a clean install of the OS after i upgraded my HDD to an 80gig hd nearly 2 weeks ago. i updated the OS using windows update right after the clean install and the update went fine. meaning i was able to download and install every critical update in that list.
    the other day, i wanted to check if there were new critical or recommended updates from microsoft and that was when i discovered that windows update does not recognize my OS as windows XP or an MS product. and that my browser is now mozilla (i forgot the version). no other browser is installed in my system. and no other OS is installed either.

    to all who posted their replies: thank you.

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    You haven't yet mentioned if you have a firewall and if so, whether you tried turning it off. If you haven't, try it and if it still doesn't work, post again.
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    I, too am very confused about what you have done.

    No problem with the configuration you have described (WinXP SP1, together with IE6 SP1).
    Were you trying to say in your first post that you were using the Sygate firewall ???

    Sygate does not interfere with Windows update, unless you have set rules to block this.

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    thats right, sygate does not interfere with windows update because in the initial windows update that i did, i had norton internet secutirity and sygate running as firewalls and i never had a problem with both.

    i have also tried windows update with both firewalls disabled and i still have the same problem.


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    It is interesting to note you ALL have missed one Fact!
    When you use IE6 this is the header report you will recieve

    Your user agent is Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
    PLEASE NOTE THE WORD " Mozilla" .... Perhaps instead of telling scrnsav that he is not using IE and there for that is his problem.. how about someone explaining what mozilla is..besides an Open source Browser project....

    Perhaps if a few of you who started to comment here fire up your IE6 and go visit this link
    And see how your browser header appears..

    Mine is

    Your user agent is MicroWorld - Bee Browser ( MicroBee CPM 64kb )
    But that is because of a little filter change in Proxomotron (anyone read Negatives Tutorial ?)

    BTW: Even with this funny header and Proxomotron running Win Update appears to run quite well.. For Me..

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