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Thread: Please Read!

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    Please Read!

    k i know everyone can hack here prettttty well. and i need to know if someone can tell me how to hack into aol email. thanks a bunch, i really need it. sorry if i'm bothering.

    k yeah sorry

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    My first question is why? Is there some valid reason for wanting to be in an AOL account? Is it even yours?

    Let me point out to you that this is a security focused site. There are a lot of topics that cover the aspects of "hacking"...not to learn how to per se, but to learn the 'attack' so then you can protect yourself by knowing how it's done (i.e. the best defense is knowing how your enemy operates), not to use them in an attempt to gain control of something that is not yours.

    You might be better off to delete this post, or further explain yourself before you're negged into oblivion.

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    I agree with Greek Goddess on this one. Please remove this thread and read this sites FAQ and rules. It will only end up in a flame war. I suggest you browse through some threads here on AO to see and learn what we are about.

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