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    happy reading mcfee.com rocks

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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    I just hope SirDice didn't have too many headaches from it today.. seems there was a hammering earlier..
    No trouble here I'm just glad we have a good content-scanner on our email. It blocks all executables by taking the file apart. So changing mime types, changing the extension or even zipping it doesn't matter. It still is recognised as an executable.

    I was just a bit worried because it didn't get noticed as a virus (but it had all the markings of a virus). I did some updating this morning and it's now properly recognised.

    They're still pouring in like mad though. Wouldn't be supprised if it would top the charts after the weekend.
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    Well, Support's post hinted at this but I just saw this posted on Yahoo! News:


    Seems that Bugbear.b may have been aimed largely at big financial institutions.. I wonder if there is a terrorism link somehow in all this? I guess it's possible, but I'm not too sure about the chances of it..
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