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Thread: Exchange Message Store

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    Question Exchange Message Store

    I am waiting for my enterprise copy of exchange to arrive at the moment and I am damn near the 16gig limit again.

    Is their any automagic way to unmount the message store and compress then re-mount without me being in here for 4 hours on Saturday while it does so ?

    Note : The new Exchange has been ordered and I don't want to pay the 300 for message store manager

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    not that i'm aware of, what version of exchange you running?


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    I'm guessing you are running E2K non enterprise as you are running into a 16gb If you wanted to you could write a batch file. Something like this would work.

    net stop msexchangeis
    eseutil /d <put your file names and other switches here>
    net start msexchangeis

    Realize that you will take all of your db stores offline(if you have multiple databases) by stopping the store. I am not aware of any way to unmount just one database from the CLI.

    You would then run that batch file from the task scheduler. Make sure that the scheduler allows the task to interact with the desktop, and that it runs as an account with full admin privileges. You will of course want to test this in advance as I have never actually run eseutil from a batch file as we like to watch it run and make sure that it completes with no issues.

    You should also schedule a full online backup to run at some point after the eseutil defrag stops. I would also log into the system and make sure it starts back up ok. You do know that you will need approximately 110% of the size of the database in free disk space right? So if you are at 15GB you will need 16.5GB of free space to defrag. Also, unless the machine is really slow it will not take 4 hours. I have 8way 900MHZ xeons with 4GB of RAM and they will defrag 20GB in 45-75 minutes. My disk subsystem is also really quick with 15k rev drives, and a ton of scsi cache.

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