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    Firewall infiltration based rmi. looking for help

    I want your help!! For my bachelor thesis , Firewal infiltration based java rmi.
    I'm in china, and graduate soon to be a CS bachelor, but i find there are some
    trouble in my thesis, for i can't find some useful info on this subject!!!
    so can you give me some info or tell me the address to get the info ,pls help me!
    thanks very much!!!
    I have collected some info such as rmi ove iiop,t3, and http and so on, but who can give me a further explanation??
    For i have not many time,ply help me ,Thanks!!

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    I'm guessing rmi means Remote Management Interface?
    And exactly what do you want? Can you explain it in more detail?
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    I mean i will implement firewall infiltration , such as cheat the firewall or round the firewall
    to do something, or i can get some file i shouldn't get before or can connect to a server
    successfully instead.
    RMI is remote method invocation, i know, but if there are firewall, my client can't connect to
    my server , so ...
    I know there are some ways to deal with this, such as RMI over IIOP ,Weblogic T3 tunnel and
    other ways, but can you give me a further detail? or other way to settle this?

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    hrm... you should have chosen a thesis that you knew more about!

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    Thanks all!

    This thesis is chosen by my teacher, but make me faint is that he know so little about
    this and almost give me no help or any info.
    and there are little info about this, almost no one help me, most of them are not familiar
    on this, ...

    Thanks again.

    Now here time are 22:50pm that's 10:50 in night
    And you?

    But our school close our gateway at 23:00 , what a faint school,kao
    so i can stay here for only 8 minutes only
    Tomorrow morning i'll be here early. ha .c u, 3x all == thanks all

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    Why no other superior here to give me some suggestion?

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    i have completed my thesis and implement it successfully.
    ^_^ й

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