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Thread: Restore files and pation

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    Restore files and pation

    currentry i am running on win98 ...i have 2 hardisks one 20 gb my win disk and other one has two partions...
    i thought of installing redhat 7 on the other disk its of 2 gb and has two partions i could not install redhat but also not able to get my data as i am not able to see my hard disk in windows as it shows an cd drive logo insted f hardisk ..but those hard disk are detected through bios ..
    plzz help me to restore those files and both partions...
    i need them badly as i canot format them...

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    i also had the same problem .... i couldnt find an answer ...so i started to install WinXp again and when it came to choose a HDD i deleted both HardDrives from the Menu and made new ones ... that way i lost my data but at least got my HDD back ... if anybody knows a solution ...im curious...

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