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    War Stories...

    I was sent this link the other night and have been reading some of the stories here... there are some prety good ones...

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    and i thought the old sgi's and stuff like that i was looking at was really old school stuff...
    this is the kinda thing that need to be preserved for the future phish, the old punchcard systems and the like - and i thought an old pc-JX was really old hat, maybe i should visit a computer museum some day?

    btw the sgi stuff im looking at can be found here:

    and some other old type stuff here too:

    the 2 links were obtained when i was looking a site called the sgi addict( http://www.sgiaddict.net ), ive had this thing for anything sgi since i started uni and have had the opportunity to use sgi stuff in our unix lab, they're not staying there for long though, its being replaced with linux soon, maybe i might buy one...

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    War Stories...
    I thought you were talkin about real war stories ... i was preparing to tell my real-life storie how i fled from Bosnia got shot and sh*t.... would make me just sad anyways ....

    BTW : reading the stories from the link you gave us ...

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    This is a good read, thankyou phishphreek80 and mrleachy .

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