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    I stay with F-Secure and stay away for m Symantic, Trend, and Mcafee manily for political reasons. Those three have a deal with the US goverment to ignore the carnavore code while F-Secure pickes it up rightly as a trojan, and they ship their virus source code off to China.

    Check out V-Myths for the full story on that.
    Who is more trustworthy then all of the gurus or Buddha’s?

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    The versions I use are:

    AV for wks and Servers

    F-Secure AV for wks version 5.41
    F-Secure AV for Servers version 5.41

    AV for Exchange

    F-Secure AV agent for MS Exchange 5.5 version 6.00
    F-Secure Content Scanner Server for MS Exchange 5.5 version 6.20

    Centralized products ( to manage all F-Secure products) and it is free

    F-Secure Policy Management Server version 5.11
    F-Secure Policy Management Console version 5.11
    F-Secure Anti Virus Proxy version 1.00 (used to distribute on schedule VDU's at night) via central locations.

    + Personal for myself

    F-Secure File Crypto 5.13
    F-Secure Distributed Firewall 5.50

    Can you describe what are you Guys using....? and what versions?

    ThanX till now.
    That was all folks!

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