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Thread: Community + APs + Thank You

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    Community + APs + Thank You

    Hey Hey,

    I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who was so supportive after Jewish blatantly plagiarized my tut, the posts, APs, and PMs with supportive messages reminded me that AO really is a community.

    People have a lot of problems with APs and complain about them alot, but this is a great example of how APs can help deal with problems very quickly. An overnight ban is great .

    The main reason for this thread is to thank you all, but I also hope it shows the newbies something. For those of you that have something to contribute, we are a community. In a way we are a family, we've got the same interests and have much in common, yet at the same time we have many differences. This is not only a great place to learn about computers, it is a great place to meet people and make a few friends. For those of you that are here to cause trouble, or act out of line, I hope this shows you that we will come together and quickly deal with the trouble makers. We want everything to run smoothly here and will do everything in our power to ensure it does.

    Anyways Thanks again everyone,


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    Well you got to admit even though it was enough to piss off the pope it was kinda funny ina he look how much of an idiot he is kinda way. <joke> i mean come on he was dumb enough to fall for your trojan</joke>

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    what i foun that funny is that HTRegz trojaned a what " script kiddie" in Russia just to steal a document from him ... come on like you need those positive antiponts deserved by the tut so bad that you stole a file from him .. ROFL ....

    and you're welcome

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    He|| YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are family and brothers and sisters and me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry lol. Your very right HT about the family that we got here and everything else you said. If you mess with AO you mess with everyone (family), I will always jump in for members because the new members coming in already had about 7 acconts here before and has gotten banned. Ladys/guys YOUR THE BEST!!!!!! Hehehe....... DzA will always be ready to flame of the right.......hahehe.... And your very very welcome HT!!!

    Cya --DzA--
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