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    Originally posted here by dopeydadwarf
    I would like to have a copy of reloaded, but I'd much rather go and spend money at the theater and view it the legal way. People like you are the reason theaters are being forced to use metal detectors at the door. Bet you don't realize that your act of piracy is costing all of us money did you? If you really want a copy do it the right way, and BUY IT.
    Pathetic, absolutley pathetic.
    Really? Sounds like the honest thing to do but more so, that sounds like a bunch of BS..? Why would you want to spend $20 at the movies... counting ticket, popcorn, a drink, and that's you by yourself... when you go online, fire up good ol' Kazaa and be watching the movie in less than 5 hours (depending on what kind of connection you have), but not only is it free, you can watch it over and over without spending another dime....

    As for it costing us all money...? I don't understand how it's costing me a dime... it may mean that Mr. Big Shot Director isn't going to be able to afford another $10 milliion house or $1/2 million car... but as file sharing junkie, I willfully don't waste a penny on Hollywood (unless it's a great) and surely it isn't costing me anything.

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    Most of movies downloaded from kazaa are in a avi format. You have to the get the divx player to veiw them thats what i had to do. I only downloaded one movie from kazaa and i never do it again. Now for me i would just wait for it to come out in the dvd or vhs it's not worth the risk. The movies IMHO take up to much of hard drive space and it will slow your computer down as of viruses your'll taking a big chance with kazaa
    if you are going to continue to use a file sharing program make sure you have your aint virus and trojan scanner are up to date.
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    You don't need to get anything to watch an .avi movie... they can open up in Windows Media Player....

    As for taking up space... it's called a CD burner... and for virii, scan everything you down with a AV program before you run it... believe me, it works.

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