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Thread: BIOS - i cant get to it

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    Question BIOS - i cant get to it

    i have a Compaq MV5050 and i cant get to the bios. i have both Linux Red Hat 8, and Win98, and i use GRUB to boot. but i have tried holdin delete, shift,ctrl, esc, but nothin works. sometimes it even says Keyboard error. can anyone help???????????

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    try F1, or better yet look at the documentation (if you have it, if you don't, the compaq site might)
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    Usually, you hit F10 when you see a cursur blink in the upper right hand corner. Give that a try. Compaqs are a little screwy when it comes to entering the BIOS.

    Also, the "Compaq MV5500" is a monitor, not the actual model of the machine. How about getting the model up here and we might be able to nail the actual keystrokes needed.
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    I had a compaq once and if I remember corectly I think it was f12 on mine. If that doesn't work keep hitting delete, f1, f9, f10, it should eventually come up.

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