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Thread: Homeland Security official has bogus computer degrees

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    Homeland Security official has bogus computer degrees

    Ever wonder who acutely buys those fake computing degrees in those spam e-mails. Well it turns out a senior official at the Homeland Security Department has a few.

    The source: http://www.securitynewsportal.com/cg...one&id=33&op=t

    A SENIOR OFFICIAL at the Homeland Security Department bought her degrees in computing science from a diploma fabrication plant, it has emerged. Laura Callahan, a senior director in the office of the chief information officer of Homeland Security, allegedly picked up three degrees from an establishment refused accreditation from the US Department of Education, claims Washington Technology today. And now Tom Ridge, secretary in charge of Homeland Security, is facing tough questions from senior US politicians. The magazine claims that Callahan's degrees in computer science came from Hamilton University in Wyoming, which sells pieces of paper based on "life and work experience". The department is "collecting facts", which is, after all, one of its briefs.

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    That's the new face of the American Dream.
    No wonder we have that wicked color-based threat system, with all those bubbleheads back in D.C.
    One thing on my mind though, Did she sign up for the "MAKE AN EXTRA $4000 MONTHLY WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME" plan too and did she just skip it? LOL
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    Is'nt it sad to think of the many people who have worked hard over many years to gain qualifications and discover that colleagues or even their bosses have fake qualifications. It is frightening to think of this with regard to the medical profession where it can and does happen, but getting back to cwk9's post, it certainly say's a lot about a government dept which should know better, or are these types of jobs gained by who you know and, that the production of recognised certificates is irrelevant?
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    I went to college with a lot of people with job expirence in IS but they were there to earn that little "piece of paper." It's pretty bad that she got as far up the ladder as she did.
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    I think that IT is such a profession where if you have all the degrees and do not have the desired knowledge then there is no place for you in this IT world. IT requires no special degress.

    It's really strange that she did get hired on the basis of her education(fake, of course) but why did not anyone noticed that does she really knows her stuff or not. And above all she is senior officer. We surely are living in a strange world....
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