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Thread: Apache Questions???

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    Question Apache Questions???

    Hi All-

    Recently, I just downloaded Apache for Windows...and I have absolutely no clue how to set it up and start running it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    For starters, to set up Apache you need to edit the httpd.conf file, its a configuration file and can be edited with notepad or any text editor that does not have formateing.

    The configuration settings are fairly straight forward. If you installed Apache for Win32 from a binary you prob have two configs, httpd.conf and a backup, so in that case minor changes are nessisary.

    To test your server is working, open your web browser, and in the address bar type localhost, and if your server is configured then you should get a nice looking page.

    Under Win98 I am unsure if Apache can be run as a systems service. Have you checked the Win32 Installation Doc from Apache?



    Under Windows there are some alternatives to Apache, here are some:

    Omni-httpd http://www.omnicron.ca/
    SimpleServer http://www.analogx.com/contents/down...work/sswww.htm
    KeyFocus Web Server http://www.keyfocus.net/kfws/

    Here is an interesting package:

    Source: http://www.instantservers.com/miniportal.html

    MiniPortal combines the Apache web server, an FTP server, a web-based administrative 'Control Panel', a set of plug-ins, and many other features into a single, integrated system. Installation is point-and-click, and there are no configuration files to edit.

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