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Thread: how to pragram a switch

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    how to pragram a switch

    hi all,
    i've read in a lot of sites that some people program a switch and route the calls to some other locations. but no site ofers how to do it or even start exploring.
    cud someone plz give any links ot books which tells u the basics of these things.

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    Question a bit more info..?

    i can only assume you mean a telephone switch, as you mention routing calls..?

    if this is correct, perhaps you could give us all some details about the switch you are wanting to configure?

    then someone may be able to help you.

    just a thought!


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    i think you're thinking in the terms of phreaking. google it, you might find some answers. as far as understanding how pstn works, you might want to start by heading up to att library about how their phone switch and trunking works. i have large library with full of manuals on phone switches, from att, lucent, etc...


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