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I just found this site and I think it's interesting to look at. Training for good/white hackers/security training expert ??
Intense School has developed a program that brings together the hacker's mind and a professional security testing methodology. To learn "How" to perform valid security tests requires proper training and experience. Intense School's Professional Hacking Program is a hands-on, methodology-centric approach to developing the skills of a Professional Hacker and beyond. The courses focus on the technical skills necessary for security testing and the business skills necessary for providing justification, efficiency, and understanding contemporary business needs.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification
The CEH certification is a leading international certification requiring the competencies of a Professional Hacker. The objective of the certification is to evaluate a person's skills as a capable, up-to-date and self-sufficient security tester. Certification involves passing a challenging examination, requiring knowledge of skills acquired by hacking and assessing the vulnerabilities of systems using a wide range of tools and techniques.
Or check this one :
Intense Hacking: Mitnick's Social Engineering Workshops
While you may have a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you've patched all your servers, deployed the best firewalls and instituted the latest multi-method authentication techniques, the world's most celebrated hacker can show you how - in minutes - he can neatly bypass your hardware arsenal and extract your company's crown jewels.

The simple fact is this: People are, and always have been, the most vulnerable aspect of any organization's security infrastructure - but this is more pressing today because information can be transferred more quickly than at any other time in history. One slip by only one individual in your organization, can release the equivalent of reams of sensitive data in mere seconds. There simply isn't time to respond unless you are prepared!

Our Intense Hacking Workshop, taught by former hacker turned security consultant, Kevin Mitnick, and his long time colleague, Alex Kasper, will teach you why people are your greatest vulnerability, how the malicious hacker uses Social Engineering, and what can be done to minimize social engineering based attacks in your organization.

In partnership with Intense School, Kevin and the team at Defensive Thinking have developed a one-of-a-kind workshop that will do more than any other event toward changing your view of your company's security.


The source http://www.intenseschool.com/