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Thread: Mozilla Problem

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    Mozilla Problem

    I installed Redhat 9 on a computer to do some Linux dabbling.

    Everything seems fairly functional. The gateway and DNS server IP's are correct.
    From a network perspective I can ping other machines on my network. I can ping computers outside of my network by both IP and by host name so my connectivity and DNS resolution are both functional.

    But, whenever I try to start Mozilla it says its starting and then it just disappears. I don't get any error message or explanation for why its not functioning.

    Any clues?


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    No clue as to what's doing it, but I have see programs do that from various errors in the past....

    Try doing this.. open a prompt inside X and try running Mozilla from there.. it'll go threw the loading stuff and then when it crashes and exits it will display some sort of error at the prompt.

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    it may have just installed incorrectly. With all the programs installed in a typical linux install, errors are bound to happen. Uninstall, dl from mozilla.org, and install. If you don't want to dl, you could also use the one on your redhat disc(s)
    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

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    sometimes the programs pass stupid parameters over like %s and some other crap....check the shortcut on the menu and try deleting those

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