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Thread: antipoint timelimit?

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    antipoint timelimit?

    I just received some interesting antipoints in response to my post at http://www.antionline.com/showthread...907#post548721

    1: You do too much complaining... -AP HITMAN

    2: Blah... blah... blah... Who the hell are you to try and tell us what we needs. -AP HITMAN and by the way I could send 10 more AP if I wanted to... shape up or I'll make your bones break up
    (the third one had nothing. both of AP HITMAN's were neg, the third was grey but presumed neg)

    if you check the date, you'll see my post is 10 months old. Perhaps we should put a time limit on the assignment of antipoints. Of course some threads last a long time, so it may be when there has been x time of no posting, antipoints can no longer be posted to the old posts.

    Note: I don't really care about the negs, they didn't take much, and that is not the object of this post.
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    Hello Kezil. At the moment there are many discussions going on about antipoints and abuse of the AP system. A few very good suggestions have been made too. I believe that right now there are some changes going on in the system. Have a look at the thread in general chitchat called "ongoing AP abuse". This site's admins have seen that there are problems about this subject, and something is being done. In the mean time, have some patience, not only you, but everyone. Your idea has been suggested many times before, and the site moderators and admins know about these problems. Im sure that something will come up which is satisfactory.

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