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Thread: Catch22, View the photo or Not, risk overwriteing members stuff

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    Catch22, View the photo or Not, risk overwriteing members stuff

    Im in a catch 22...

    I have two sites, in two folders on the server, one named site1 and one test, in these folders the same contents, same site. In my hosts table I have the domain Testing mapped to localhost. In my server config requests for domain Testing are maped to my test folder.

    http://Testing => C:\Blah\test\
    http://www.domain.com => C:\Blah\site1\

    when I want to make changes to my site I do so in my test folder, and view my changes through http://Testing then when I like what I see i copy the entire testing folder/subfolder tree to site1 folder. Then the public can see it.

    Under both test and site1 a subfolder folder bbs exists, and within is a folder called images... Only under site1 exists /bbs/images/users..... Not for test.

    My situation is this, in the test folder under bbs/images if I have no users folder, so as it only exists under the public site1, then when I am testing an image for example:


    Looks like...


    localy would be:


    This don't show up because it dont exist for test.

    See there is no users folder on my test site, otherwise when im transfering from test to site1 I would overwrite newly uploaded user photos. I don't want that obviously. But of cource at the same time I don't get to view the image under the domain Testing because of it not existing, so I am in a catch 22....

    If i copyed the users folder from site1 and placed it under images in test then that would alow me to see the image when testing, but what hapens if the member uploads a newer version of her picture photo.jpg so now when I transfer the dir tree test to site1 her new photo is replaced back with the old one.

    see what I mean? I tryed useing aliases but quickly learned alias names of images/users are not valid, only single names like www may be maped as an alias, atleast underm my server.

    Tryed useing relitive paths


    But that don't work and i can see why, you cant backwalk to a directory behind the document root, for security reasons. Where the document root is test.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Edit: Look at the number of posts I made, 101. matches my nick name....heh

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    Assuming the machine you use to view http://testing is also has access to http://domain.com, then why not just use . Or if the machine is on the same network and you are not using a name server e.t.c.. then use the ip address

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    That will work, Never thought of that. A simple solution to what I thoght was a complicated problem, guess sometimes I look for complicated solutions and overlook simple ones.

    yes testing and domain.com is on the same computer.

    thanks so much, will make the changes.

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    If i am understand you right you dont have to do .....

    All you need to do is link to the picture like this <img src="pic.ext" and make sure it is in all the folders that are calling for it....

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