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Thread: Up for a laugh?

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    Exclamation Up for a laugh?

    It's not letting me delete that other thread, just modify it, so i'm making a new one.


    Check out my joke page guy's/gal's. Never talk to a hacker clown kid's. Heh.

    Scary Clown Page

    Note: Open the page in IE, because if you open it in Mozilla it will likely prompt you for which app to open the midi file with. Also make sure your volume isnt up too loud, i don't want to be responsible for busting out any good ear's. Simple, but i think it's neat(i had to throw my politics in there too/hehe).

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    WTF!!! Lol thats good! I can just see that on halloween.

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    Heh, Pennywise the hax0r.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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