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Thread: damn file type (stupid me)

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    damn file type (stupid me)


    i need some help with WinDOZE

    I accidentily changed my *.DAT fle to open with NOTEPAD permanently (i was checking out a lot of *.DAT files with OPEN WITH and accidently forgot to untick the "ALWAYS OPEN WITH"

    Anyways, I went and deleted the OPEN function in the FILE TYPE-options
    and no it wont bring up OPEN WITH with if i try to open*.DAT types
    -I went to another computer to check it out and *.DAT file types werent in FILE TYPE-option

    My question to you is SHOULD I TOTTALY DELETE the *.DAT in FILE TYPE to restore it to
    ALWAYS ASK : OPEN WITH (the default)??

    I jus wanna hear your opinion what to do, personnily i would DELETE it.
    thank you

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    goto folder options in tools menu for (XP/2000) or in edit...just look out urself in file explorer menu where it is...then select file types..then from the list select DAT...then click change to change with the prgram u want to make it ususally open.........
    well in cvase u need to open it with other program..in XP u have the option on right click...but in 9x u will have to press shift the right click to get the open with menu............
    hope u get it solved
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    thank you
    jus 1 SMALL prob-
    i am using Windoze 98 and i saw on the other computer no *.DAT file so my guess is that my pc should not have it in FILE TYPES
    Maybe i should reafrace my quest,
    I want to know how can i change data-types so that is doesnt automaticly open up- it should ask the " open with" window

    Sorry for wasting your time

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    you're on the right track

    If you want it to always ask, then yes, you should delete the ".dat" in the file types. I think what null was implying (and I would do the same) is that you should keep the dats associated with whatever program you use (Notepad) and if, for some reason, you want to open it with another program, you just "Shift+RightClick" it and you will have the option to "Open With..." and you can choose an alternate program.

    So yes, you can delete it, but unless you really need to, I'd just keep the association as-is.
    Mike Reilly

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    It probably won't do any harm to leave it as is, or to delete the association.
    But you should run regedit, just to see if it works properly.

    If the present file association prevents regedit from running properly,
    then you will need to delete it. (registry files are .DAT files).

    I have 2 win98 machines and one has no entry for .DAT file type,
    and the other has been modified to say "configutation DATA", extension
    DAT, with nothing under "opens with"

    I play with these settings all the time.

    To customize a right-click menu, open any folder, then select Folder Options from the View menu. Next, click the File Types tab, choose the type of file you wish to edit, then click Edit. Then, in the Actions display, click New. The action is what will appear in the menu. Enter the action you would like to add such as Open or Print. Then, under Application Used To Perform Action, enter the execution command you would like performed. To see how the syntax works, open up other Action items and see how they are entered. When you're done, click OK, then click Close twice.
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