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Thread: Windows xp key

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    Windows xp key

    I purchased a copy of xp professional and installed it. since installation, i have tried to update. Microsoft tells me that my key is no good. I can't return the OS nor get my money back. My question: If I purchase a copy of XP pro upgrade, will it install over my current os and operate satisfactorily? Can i purchase a new key, change it and have the current os work?

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    My suggestion would be to contact Microsoft and let them know of your predicament. If you have proof of purchase and the key is just not working, they should issue you a new key.

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    Buy the original CD, if have more problem , and contact the M$ like what HTRegz said .
    It ever happened to me once when i put the wrong Licence Key, it wont upgrade and it said "Wrong License Number" so i reinstall the Win Xp and put the right number.
    When u try to upgrade the XP they will look on yoru OS license number , if it is correct and hasnt used by any person, they will allow you to update yoru XP, if not they will ask you the rigth number.

    Good Luck
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    I remember hearing a rumor about some legitimate users being tripped
    up because of the existence of some stolen corporate keys.
    Apparently, they blacklisted a lot of numbers, and some of them
    weren't pirated at all.

    As you may know Microsoft has added a new twist to the product activation scheme in Windows XP. Service Pack 1 will check a machine to see if it was installed using one of the pirated corporate product activation keys found on the net and will block the update. It appears that this has become a problem for some corporate networks as they have found that some of their legally licensed machines were installed using these blacklisted keys. There is also another issue, what about the user who is using an illegal copy and now wants to get legal. Until recently the answer was to re-install, but there is a procedure to prevent having to re-install...

    The service pack will look at your product ID. If it is either XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX or XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX then the service pack will give you a message indicating that XP was installed with an invalid key and the install will stop. If you want to install the service pack (and probably any future updates) you will have to change the key to a valid one. The way to do this is to reset the machine to an unauthenticated state and then to re-authenticate. LabMice has an article detailing the procedure. This can be a time consuming process if you have a network with several machines that need to be fixed. For this scenario Microsoft has provided knowledge base article Q328874 which has sample scripts on how to do this remotely.

    You may just have to get irate with Microsoft. You paid for the OS. You have the right to use it.
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    I was given a Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro for my birthday by my mother, The conector PS/2 is the wrong type for my computer, my keyboard slot is a 5 pin AT conector (old). Inside a form to fill out and send in and they will send you a PS/2 to 5 pin AT adaptor for free. I filled it out, mailed it in. I recieved a confrimation email from Microsoft informing me that they recieved the request. I never got it, I ended up buying one for 5 bucks, hey its not the amount of money, its the hasstle and time. Its been a year.

    You paid for the OS. You have the right to use it.
    Exactly what I say. With so many illegal copys of Microsoft products floating around the net and with those who actualy legaly purchase a copy to find they can install but not update because their serial key is invalid. That would urk me. But I too have read about stolen keys being blacklisted. Its a shame this kind of thing happens.

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    i guess that if m/s don't want to play nice you could download a key changer or look at the instructions that rcgreen has given you, you'd also need a keyegn program as well, i dont know where you can get either of these so dont ask me, just a suggestion if you get desperate and m/s doesnt want to play nice with you, im NOT saying here that i support the use of these tools or am i saying that your copy of XP pro isn't legit, just to clarify what i'm saying

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    Well it is a common problem due to piracy although you didnt mention whether the copy you purchased was an origainl but never matter.

    If you get really stuck i can send you a key changer and keygen but try the other stuff first.

    Actually the keygen and key changer arent illegal or illegal to use only if its used on a illegal copy so i of course dont condone this if you have a illegal copy.
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    Given that I used to provide support for M$ products, I can tell you that there are three things that set off alarms when mentioned...
    "I'll just contact my states Attorney Generals consumer affairs office....whats your name and employee number and may I speak to your supervisor please?"
    " This looks like a case where litigation is needed...whats your name and employee number, and may I speak to your supervisor please?"
    " Ok, thats fine....I'll just go ahead and contact the Better Business Bureau. I need your name and employee number and would like to speak to your supervisor"

    In other words, you have rights as a consumer...assert them. M$ is scared sh**less of litigation right now....use it to your advantage.

    Good luck!!
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    Surley there must be a good ol' regedit that can sort it out, maybe there might be some info on www.regedit.com ? havent looked for it myself but might be something there.!

    There is also a lot of security tweaks for windows there!!
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    Since your new to AO, i'll leave you with this advice, dont bring up old topics.
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