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Thread: Ports = Open

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    Ports = Open

    I scanned my system with M A B Internet tools. It told me that I have port 25, 110, 135 open.
    I understand that ports represent logical connections such as applications that use the Internet. My question is what are these specific ports used for? How would I close them?

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    25 is simple mail transfer, 110 is pop (post office protocol), and 135 is DCE endpoint resolution. All of these have to do with email, so either you have a virus that is keeping the ports open, or a program (such as outlook or something) is using these ports. I have attached a list of a lot of known ports for you to go over and see if you have anything else you might need to close.

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    Yesterday, Framework posted a response to Ritesh Gaur's question about ports and gave a really smooth site for these things.


    It gives all the names of the ports and what programs are associated with them. As far as closing them, I am uncertain. However, I believe if you're using XP you can close ports with the security manager or the components manager.

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    a virus might show port 25 open while its sending itself out if it used its own smtp engine but ive never heard of one set up to receive mail. mail clients use the first available port over 1024. 110 only appears at the server. your running a mail server. maybe you downloaded one at one time and forgot about it?
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    Jimminy Pete,

    Jehnny's D/L and the link from Memory are the same file..

    Good call though..

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    25 is simple mail transfer, 110 is pop (post office protocol), and 135 is DCE endpoint resolution. All of these have to do with email,
    Actually, RPC is used for e-mail in MS Exchange environments only but it also has a much more common use. The RPC Endpoint Mapper process is responsible for maintaining the connection information for all of the processes on that machine using RPC. The Endpoint Mapper process runs within the RPC service itself which provides inter-process communication mechanism that allows a program running on one computer to seamlessly execute code on a remote system.

    I just wanted to add this to compliment Jehnny's post so there is no confusion that the RPC protocol is not exclusive to e-mail alone.
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    So what your saying is that if I only use attbi and never microsoft outlook as my email client than its ok to remove it? And anyother email clients that I may have d/l and forgot abo

    Port Scanner by M A B also says that these ports are open too:

    [Connected] Port 389
    [Connected] Port 445
    [Connected] Port 1002
    [Connected] Port 1025

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    you might want to try a program like fport by foundstone or tcpview to see what proc this ports are using and use something like mbsa to find out how to close them. it's important for you to find out why they're open in the first place.


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