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Thread: Anti-Successories

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    I don't know if everyone is familiar with Successories . They sell motivational and uplifting art, awards and office supplies. Not motivational in a religious sense, but in a "just follow your dreams and keep your eye on your goals" sense. Their stuff makes great awards for employees and a lot of it makes for great Father's Day gifts.

    BUT for those of you who may know people on the opposite end of the spectrum there is an "anti-Successories" of sorts. If you would rather denegrate than celebrate or ridicule rather than acknowledge- visit Despair.com .


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    i'm very familiar with their decor where i use to work they had them all over the place.and i work the grave yard sift so i use to stare at them all the time it does uplift you and gets you start. Because the type of work i did got very boring at times.
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