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    I am messing arounf with IP Policies on Win2K. I have created a rule that allows incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic. I have also created a rule that blocks all other traffic to ensure that only HTTP in/out traffic is permitted. I am still having problems with the HTTP traffic even though I have created the rule.

    Allow HTTP: from my ip to any ip, protocol TCP, port 80 mirrored: yes
    Deny ALL: from my ip to any ip, protocol ANY, port ANY mirrored: yes

    Do IP Policies work like a frewall, in that the first rule wins?
    Reading material regarding the matter would be much appreciated.


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    I believe, if I remember correctly, that DENY always takes precedence. You have to configure it around the HTTP.

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    i could not find any specific links for an answer, but here is the Microsoft explanation of the IPSec policies, et cetera...

    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I don't believe that I have to configure a deny rules around all the services that I want open. The point of having a deny all rule is to block all traffic. After this has been defined then all wanted services/ports have to be opened by creating allow rules.

    There must be a way.

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