Hi newbies ( even I guess i am one)!

a little bit of suggestions (which comes from my experience).... its natural for all of us to expect a lot out of the internet in general and this site, in particular.

But let me tell you something that i have been through.. the first thing is BE PATIENT. u need a lot of patience .. really a lot. and do u know that 80% of the information that u dont know and which u want to know is all there in this site and u just need to put in your efforts to actually search for this and read it, with PATIENCE and try to keep it in mind whatever you read and i think that one article a day is perfect (thats how i try to do... even though i couldn't quite stick to that...lol

So, i think thats the first thing for all of us newbies and hence, even if u take this article not so serious, try to keep it in mind that U NEED TO BE LOT OF PATIENT ( I promise it will help inyour personal life, as well)...

okay AntiOnline's! thats what i have to tell now. I will soon tell u something that can help you in starting slowly and trying to become perfect.