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Thread: Hiding IP in digichat

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    Hiding IP in digichat

    Hi everyone

    Quick question anyone ever used the Digichat Chat room before (http://www.digichat.com) im an admin of one of the sites that we have the Digichat chat room on. what im wondering if if its possible to hide ur IP from it

    basically u can use a proxy and browse webpages behind a proxy Server..

    HOWEVER when u enter digichat chat room even if ur using a proxy..ur IP will still show as the original IP

    anyone know of any ways arond it?


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    yes, a proxy is set up per-application, just becuase you set your browser to use a proxy doesn't mean all of the other applications will use it... i haven't checked (prolly should) but i'd assume that digichat uses a java applet to connect to the chat servers, you would somehow need to set the applet to use a proxy (socks)...

    -hope i helped :-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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