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    Seems like this issue was probably not a virus. Main reason being that most virii that write information to your bios will do it the moment that they run. So if the virus was replicating itself to the programs on your system it would have written itself to the bios as well. Also, unless the virus was specifically written to attack your bios, how would it have known what commands to send to it to turn off your fan? As motherboards come with all different flavors of BIOS that would be a hard task to accomplish. And just because win98se was locking up and acting flakey does not mean you have a virus. That is just how that OS works.

    The more likely candidate is that you did have some viruses on your system that norton caught, then when norton was cleaning up it screwed up some of your DLL's(remember win98 has no dll cache protection like win2k or XP) which caused your system to become unstable. The fact that it only got flakey when running graphic intensive programs makes me think that it was a graphic dll, or a hardware driver that got screwed.

    As for your fan getting turned off, I've never heard of a virus that will do that. If somebody knows of one, please let me know as I would be interested in how it does that. BIOS infectors usually corrupt the BIOS to the point that the system will not boot at all.

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    im using the latest virsion of phonex (i think thats how its spelled) bios and u make a good point but i had 4 viruses maby only 3 so maby not 1 virus is responsable for it all
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    if you ever run into this problem again try panda software its free and it picks up stuff that norton missed it scans every thing incuding any disks you want to make sure are clean. and if it finds any files it thinks might be virii it gives you the option to send them to a lab to be tested.
    it worked for me. but since its so thuro it takes for ever, another plus is as its scaning a file it tells you what it is so if it has problems with a file write that file down and then check that file all by its self.

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