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Thread: Greetings from FL

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    Talking Greetings from FL

    Hiya guys. Just wanted to drop in and say HI while im on vacation here in Orlando Florida. Hehe. Its pretty nice here. This kiosk im on here in the hotel sux balls though. $4 for 15 min on the freaken internet. And its slow as hell too. Im here till wednsday and then on to Daytona Beach. But I probably will not be able to check this till I get back home. Unless there are internet cafe's in Daytona. :::shrugs::: By the way Deb. I havn't called Souleman yet to find out where you are. hahaha! Dont worry. I wont drop by and scare you. :P Well. I just have a few more minutes left on this piece of crap. . . . so I beter give it time to post this. Talk to you all in about 6 more days. Take care. -Rogue
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    heya Rogue .... i wish i could be in your skin right now man ... in Florida ...sunny beacher ...girls ... ahhhh.....


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    $4 bucks for 15 minutes.. .egads, what a rip.
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    Just West of Beantown, though nobody from Beantown actually calls it "Beantown."
    Tell JP we all say, "Hi."
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    Hahahahha, you'd never find me out here in the woods anyway, I made Souleman wear a blindfold and picked him up 100 miles from my house.
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    Am 4 hours away RogueSpy stop by I live in the keys . Have fun and be safe!!

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    RogueSpy i'll be there at the end of june my girlfriend lives not to far from Daytona
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    nice hotel. Last time I was in one I had a similar predicament. It took ten minutes just to log on and then I was worried they had loggers runnings so I changed all my passwords on dial up from my room afterwards. Patience.

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