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    Usb Drive

    Has anybody seen these?I was just curiouse what you guys thought about this. It has very audviouse benefits. But what could somebody do to a PC if he had physical access to one of your boxes. The biggest one they have is 2GB. Granted a very nice price tag, but I could put all kinds of root kit stuff on a 2GB drive that I can access simply by plugging it into your pc.

    However I personally could backup alot of stuff on this thing. I think it will be interesting to see if these drives exist a few years from now.
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    I think they'll be around, I love the one I have, not 2gb, but I still dig it. . .I use it at work to download stuff that would take me ages on my dial up at home, heh heh. But yeah, they'll be around. . .if someone wants to root your machine, they can just as easily use CDs, IMO. They're just another convienient way to transfer data from one comp to another.
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    i have a 40 GB hd that is the size of a small wallet, and works similar to these things... I use it to store stuff on and transport from my work and home computers.

    Although you //could// do eeeevil with these things, they are similar in nature to a zip disk (back in the day when EVERYONE had a zip drive) in that you have to realy know what your doing to get anywhere with them, they usually aren't included in boot, and it takes a good long while (unless using usb 2.0) to do anything with them.

    on the other side, my drive is USB 2.0, and i only paid like $130 for it. not bad.... for 40 gigs
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    I have a 256MB pendrive (usb 1.1) (Memmory in Black)
    wich was cheap but is very slow, and looks less good then those...

    they are autodetected by windows 2000 and XP and MacOSX and by most hotplug enabled Linux distro's (slack9 in my case)

    and a maXtor 250GB harddisk (firewire and usb 2.0)
    this is a realy great piece of hardware !!

    So I think we'll be seeing more and more of them pendrives !!

    the next one I'd buy has to be atleast a gig.. I need to be able to put a iso on it..

    and usb 2.0 becouse 1MB/s sucks ass!!
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    I have two. One is just a 128MB USB drive but my other one is a 128MB USB drive with a built in MP3 player. Both work well for my uses.

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