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Thread: The Bastard System Admin From Michigan's Boss #2

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    The Bastard System Admin From Michigan's Boss #2

    Sorry it took so long. Been Busy at work...



    His degree in management never prepared him for this. It's the Bastard's Boss.

    8:00 AM: I slowly walk into work, nervous as all hell, worried about what Gore might do
    next. Here I am, hoping things would change with the new guy, and Gore's already
    brainwashed him.

    Poor Aeallison.

    I need time to think. I reach my office and put Yanni - Live at the Acropolis into my CD
    player. This is so relaxing...

    8:30 AM: I hear thing familiar "bing" of my Outlook telling me I have new email. As I
    recover from my whiplash, I notice there is drool on my tie. I must have dozed off.
    I open the email to find this lovely note:

    Dear *******,

    I want you to know I do not like you, I would quit my job but with the baby your wife is
    having because of me I need the extra money. By the way I'm sorry about your Mom being
    pregnant, I wore a condom, and how was I supposed to know it would break?


    What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?
    I decide to have a little "chat" with my subordinate. I march over to his office and ask to
    speak with him. I think he just shat himself! As white as a ghost, he follows me back to
    my office. I ask him to stand, because I don't want **** all over my leather sofa that I
    bought with the pay of the last employee who royally pissed me off.
    He begins to tremble. Now I see why Gore loves his job so much. I hand him a printed copy
    of the email he sent me and I kindly ask him to explain...
    He tells me of the altercation he had with Gore this morning and started crying his eyes out
    saying he didn't do it. I start to believe him, so I say I'll transfer him to our office in
    Boston to get him away from Gore. I never liked this guy anyway, but I can't fire him.

    9:00 AM: I decide to have fun with Gore and Aeallison. They've been bastards long enough.
    If they're going to make my life hell, it was time I return the favor.

    I call my wife and tell her to stop checking the home email. She asks why, but I say I'll
    just tell her later.

    Then I open up Outlook and begin typing.

    Dear Sweetheart,

    I know our marriage has been great this past 21 years, but it's time I come clean. I am in
    love with our new assistant system admin. Aeallison is so dreamy. I think about having sex
    with him all day long. Maybe if I'm extra "nice" to him, he'll convince Gore to help me
    pick out a new computer.
    Anyway, our marriage is over. You give me such a headache. I would say that I'll always
    love you, but then, why would I leave you for a man if that were true?
    Take care,

    The Boss.

    Woohoohoo! I know Gore is going to find this! I just know it! I can't wait to see the
    expressions on their faces when they think I'm in love with Aeallison!

    3:30 PM: He found it! He wants to have a "little chat" later on. Ha ha! Now, I'll just
    have to keep up this little charade for a while longer. I reply to his email and politely
    ask him what is on his mind.

    4:00 PM: Gore send a reply saying that he sent a copy to Aeallison and made multiple
    backups. He said that if I don't give him what he wants, he'll make it the MOTD.
    What the hell is MOTD?
    He then goes on about sexual harassment and an uncomfortable work environment for his new assistant.

    Mother of God.

    Gore has owned me again.

    The VP is already pissed off at me about the Crack-Whore magazines from last week. This
    can't get out.

    4:02 PM: Gore- Anything you want. -The Boss

    4:05 PM: He wants new PCs, new Laptops, and new cars for both him and Aeallison. What can I do but say OK? I tell him he pisses me off, but he'll get them.
    He sends me an email back. telling me that he also wants raises for Aeallison and himself.
    I say OK again.

    4:10 PM: At this point I am steaming mad. I pop 3 Lopressors for my blood pressure.
    Then I have an idea.

    4:30 PM: Just ordered two Barbie Edition Dodge Neons for my system admins. Two doors, extra small, and Hot Pink. I arrange to have them delivered to the office the next day. My
    favorite part is the custom paint job I got for them. Over the driver's side door of one
    car is GORE, and the other AEALLISON. Just like on a racecar. He He...

    4:40 PM: I call my college roommate who works at Dell. I tell him my situation, and he
    custom builds me the PCs I need: Pentium 2 processor, 4 Gb hard drive, 64 Mb or RAM... I
    don't know what all that means, but he assures me that the machines are brand new pieces of crap. I thank him profusely, and he tells me they will ship out within days.

    4:50 PM: I call HR and tell them that the VP has approved a raise for the System Admin and
    his assistant. She asks, "Why? They suck." I say, "Hey, I'm just the messenger." She asks
    how much and I tell her $.03/Hr. She asks me if I'm joking, and I tell her of course not.
    She says she put it through.

    5:00 PM: I stop in to tell Gore that I took care of everything for him, but they're both
    already gone. Bastards.

    5:30 PM: I get home to find a note from my wife. Assuming she went to get dinner, I pick it
    up and read it.

    I can't believe you would leave me after 21 years. And for a man! I hope you burn in hell
    for all eternity. My lawyer will call you soon to discuss the terms of our divorce. Don't
    try to contact me.

    -Your Ex-Wife

    I hate my life.

    I hate Gore.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    Oh man this is getting good. Alot better than that crap of trying to kill off one of our most beloved demons . Just dont forget i might want a promotion into the sysadmin department so i can work with the other bastards. I DO have the goods on you

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    ROFL!!!!! That is a great ending.... I saw that coming. That was very funny 11001001. Great job .

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    HAHA good job man!

    I feel so proud knowing im the reason the bastard wars is happening Something i started as fun and it still is and i got like 3 more people involved. hehe im so proud! you guys use creativity and write stories that are awesome.

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    mannnnn..... i never read those Bastart from michigan stories till this one ... they are just great .. .. no i'll start from the first sotire .... this is gonna be a whole-night job ..... good work 11001001 ..... mannnn ROFL ROFL

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