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Thread: Linuxing E-Books

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    Post Linuxing E-Books

    Good News For All.

    I got one of those crappy e-books with resell rights cds from e-bay yeay.
    It had nothing of any use in it boo.
    Then suddenly on the last cd I found linux books yeay
    I have put the covers in the zip file. yeay

    And I will E-Mail them to you free because I am a nice guy. (60mb) yeay.

    Alternatively if anyone has some web space they could bung them in for us to browse give me a shout and I will e-mail them accross.

    Some of the hyperlinks are broken on these books but I am sure if we took a little time we could get them all going again.

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    That's simply great. I am interested in reading some of the books but I do not have an e-mail account which can accommodate 60 MB. Anyways, It will be nice if someone here has a webspace available so that these books can be uploaded there so that instead of sending it to different e-mails, we can download these books from a webaddress.

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    does AO have a anonymous FTP for these types of request?


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    www.n3t.net has good ebooks in the vault btw

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