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    How do i find proxy server IP??

    Heres the deal, at work (computer retail store), networking was ran all thru the building, and for the display computers we used to have the internet on one of them, but we lost the IPs. So now we have the IPs for the host, and the DNS Servers, now we just need to find out the IP of the proxy that it runs from.

    What is a good/working proxy scanner, or whats the easiest way to find the proxy IP?

    PS. we cant get admin access anymore, so thats out of the question.

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    Sounds kinda fishy to me. why cant you get admin accsess anymore?

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    If it's your ISP's proxy server....Contact your ISP.

    If it's your proxy server.....you should know the address or contact your system administrator. (they'll love you for this one.)

    If your really in need to go www.google.com Search and ye shall be receive.
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    all right, i work at a staples... LoL...

    For our computer displays, there no internet, but sometimes we emplyee's would like to get on there sometimes. we used to have it setup, but we formatted/sold the computers with the info on it... When the store opened, the guys left a sheet with all the server info on it, and we found it, and we had a connection... We lost that paper.

    It runs on a proxy, so therefore, need to find out the IP. The one computer that we had admin access to is now gone, it was the training computer.

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