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    Heres a search from AO for netBIOS in the tutorial form


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    thx for that! very informativ...but i still didn't find what im looking for.
    the only problem i have is that i still get "invaild user or password" but the username and password are correct. looks like:

    Victims NetBios-name: victim (os=winXP)
    Username (standard winXP-logon): victimuser
    Password (") : victimpwd

    in the console:

    ping victim ... OK

    net use \\victim\IPC$ ""/user:"" ... OK (=> this works)

    net use x: \\victim\c$
    enter username for \\victim\guest: victimuser (=> why GUEST?)
    enter password for \\victim:victimpwd

    error xxx: invalid username or password

    WHY THE HELL????
    has it something to do with the \guest?

    thx for replys


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    net use \\victim\ipc$ /user:Administrator *
    passwort: <nothing>

    does work

    (now i should have admin-rights on victim-pc)

    but i cant access the c$-share

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    Also try "administration" and "admin" both have worked on my school computer.
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    To you all i say Ni, Ni, Ni now bring me a shrubbery. Download NetBrute this is prob the best Netbios share tool available makes it alot easier. Sometimes you have to enable guest account (but give it a really strong PW)
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    @the-omen: yeah, netbrute is great but..
    how do u use it?

    first i entered the ip-range => scan
    after i got the result, i tried to open a c$ share but had to enter a passwort (for user XXX\Guest)

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    Victum, NetBrute... sounds like you are not exactly playing with a computer of yours. If you were the local admin I would go and check the account information on the computer locally, then you might get a better answer.

    I have experienced this same problem myself, but I found out that once I give an admin account a password that it seems to let you through. If it is coming up and asking for the password to the account <computername>\Guest ... then it sounds like it does not like the account/password combo you are using and is not setup with any premissions to allow "guest" accounts through.
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    Please enumerate the Administrator account further,the following may be possible

    1. The Account is Disabled (IT CAN BE).
    2. The remote netbios machine table needs to be reloaded.

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