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    Admin accounts Deleted! Require assistance!

    My client is running Novell Netware 5.0. What happened is.....

    in an effort to clean students out of the sytem at the end of the year the person deleted the admin account and the backdoor accounts we had setup. now nobody has any admin rights. does anyone know how to recreate the user? i know you novell guys are out there i would love your help.

    Thank you greatly
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    I have had this issue come up. Contact Novell support and tell them that you need to use OS2NT.NLM. This NLM is used to repair/recreate the admin account. Have your account info ready to go as they will only give you this if you can prove who you are. Also, this little guy is a one time use NLM so once you get your account back, it becomes useless.

    There are several H4x0r versions of this tool floating around. Don't use them for obvious reasons.

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