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Thread: osi ref / protocol analysis.

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    Lightbulb osi ref / protocol analysis.


    I wasnít sure quite where to put this, but here looks as good a place as any!

    Iím quite new to networking and I have quite an interest in the security side of things too, which is why I guess Iím here!

    One of the "tools" I am trying to add to my skill set is protocol analysis. At my workplace we have the basic version of Sniffer. Any trained money can set up the software to take a trace of the network at any one particular time, but its decoding the millions of lines of "code" you get back.

    I know there are many sites that tell you about TCP/IP etc but unless you have a million years to decipher all the pages of information you get nowhere fast! Donít get me wrong, Iím not against reading, I do a lot of it, all day long!

    However, I discovered a website just now that has what looks to be a particularly useful "poster" if you will of how the OSI reference model links into TCP/IP and also Unix/HP/Sun, Novell, Microsoft, SAN, IBM, ISO, VoIP & VPN/Security.

    You can buy it here: http://www.javvin.com/map.html. Unfortunately you have to purchase this product which is a shame, but thatís one of those things I guess. I might try and acquire myself a demo copy!

    Iím sure there are a million web pages that explain how all this works but it certainly helps me to be able to see the "big picture" as it were.

    I hope others find this useful too!


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    Now *thats* a post
    Seems a little out of place for 'general chit chat', but good luck in finding your answer


    whoops, my bad .. i thought there was a question in there! Thanks for the info

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    A while back I wrote an tutorial on TCP/IP.
    It can be found
    here .

    Also in the tutorials index you can find some tutorials on the same section.
    I also wrote an introduction to packet sniffing which can be found
    It was sortof a follow up on the TCP/IP.
    I hope that can be of any help.


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