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Thread: Help, C++ link....

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    Question Help, C++ link....

    Ok, right off the bat i want to appologize because i know this has been asked a million times before and been answered a million times before, but i have searched on here for three days and aksed about 5 ppl and they all dont know the answer. so if some one could help me that would be great! I was lookin at someones question on C++ and a person replied w/a link to a site that you could learn C++ in 26 days ( i think it was by a "sam" person)...well as luck would have it, i lost the link and cant find it! so if you could please give me that link again that would be wonderful. i have finally gotten a compiler and now i need to start learning.

    thx so much
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    Sam's publishes a book about learning c++ in 26 days, the link was most likely to a place where you could buy it. They also sell one to learn C(++) in 24 hours.
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    Ok first off, why is this in tut (MsMittens or Neg will have to move it to "GCC" or "How to")?? A good link is http://www.cprogramming.com/. Maybe you should read this http://www.antionline.com/announceme...?s=&forumid=59 and welcome to AO!!
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    See post by MemorY dated 18/5 "Miscellaneous Security Discussions" Forum.
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    Thanks for the links.

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