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Thread: ENSONIQ sound card drivers

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    Question ENSONIQ sound card drivers


    i recently formatted my aunt's computer and gave it to my grandma...and now i cant find the drivers for the soundcard...its the ENSONIQ SoundscapeVIVO....and i put windows 2000 on the computer...if anybody can tell me where to go to get the driver...i tried online but didnt do so hot, or if u have one...plz plz plz help me thx :-)

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    I ded a search on that driver at www.driverguide.com hers the results http://beta.driverguide.com/beta/ind...&qa7=1799&sm=s

    If thats not what you needed then try searching around a little bit more there
    Username is driver
    password is all

    Also The manafacuters website might be a good place, and if you take the card out of the computer there should be a FCC ID number there that you could search with. There should also be a serial number on the main chipset. Try searching those numbers on google or driverguide.

    Hope I helped you.

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    heres a link to a windows95 compatible driver ...


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