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Thread: Cyber crime investigators field guide

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    I wanna bring a very interesting book to everyones attention its called the cyber crime investigators field guide.
    I purchased it at Borders books and it has soo much awsome info in it. from how to recover files deleeted, what kinda cyber crime scene the investigators might come accross from web page defacement to satelite communication sys. take overs.
    If ya can get a copy it retails for about $39.95 and its worth it.

    heres some publishing info for ya ppls its published by Auerbach Publications the site is right here the 800 num is
    1-800-272-7737 they have many informative books from the looks of their site take a look.

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    kroltz can you link us to a website of the autors or something.
    It sounds like a book I would be interested in.


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    Yeah, u forgot book refs!

    Could u tell us more about the satelite communication system crime scene...
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    Yeah that does sound like some worthwhile reading. I will have to pick it up. pity theres no borders around here for a couple hours.

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    Sounds good thanks for the tip.

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