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Thread: IRC channel for Windows/Security Support?

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    Question IRC channel for Windows/Security Support?

    Any you guys know of a good windows/security irc channel for support? I would like to hang out at one of these places. Thanks guys!!!

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    Log onto EFNet and join #windows. There are always plenty of people around to answer questions.
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    you should also check out alt.microsoft newsgroups or go to microsoft site they have message board also.


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    Originally posted here by w0rm3y
    you should also check out alt.microsoft newsgroups or go to microsoft site they have message board also.
    mrlucifer specifically asked for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. Not fora and/or usenet groups. But they are good places to get information/support

    Isn't AO somewhere on IRC?
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    AO did have its own irc server for a while but it is now out of service

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    most of the former #antionline people
    go to irc.unerror.com nowadays

    did JP kill that yoursincyberspace irc thingy recently or am I wrong there ?
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    Last I checked yoursincyberspace irc is toasted.

    irc.unerror.com is a decent place to go. A majority of the old regulars and a few new people are there and there will most likely be someone to help you.
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